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  • Calcium For All Reptiles

    A natural and easy way of knowing that your pet reptile is receiving an essential highest quality calcium boost through slow release calcium blocks placed in the pets water bowls.

    Chipoff believe that reptiles in the wild naturally benefit from the pure minerals and essential salts naturally found and available in the waterways these animals rely on, and believe we have recreated these essentials in a specifically designed reptile health block and deliver these to your pets in a way that is more natural to them.

    Calcium uptake into the body of your pet through its drinking water is a fast and effective way of boosting levels of calcium in pets that require a high level of quality Calcium constantly. We have designed these reptile calcium blocks to help reptile pet owners with the benefits of an easier and more visible way of seeing the mineral breakdown in the water and when it needs replacing. Made from Reverse Osmosis water,  minimising chlorine’s and chloramines further entering your reptiles water. We also assure you that these blocks have no phosphates naturally or added.

    World quality calcium sourced right here in Australia. These blocks are also a PH buffer and help reduce acidity within your pets and in their water and maintain this while the block dissipates. Our Calcium blocks are carefully formulated for supplementing your amphibian or reptile’s diet.

    Chipoff calcium blocks for reptiles are PHOSPHORUS FREE.

    Calcium is essential in promoting healthy bone growth, nerve function, hormone synthesis and for healthy egg production in breeding females. It can also help prevent MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease), especially in young reptiles as they grow. Delivered more naturally through the water they drink.

    Calcium supplements help to restore the minerals a reptile would normally receive through a varied diet in the wild. You can ensure that your reptiles receive the calcium they need in their diet through the water in which they drink.

    • Step 1 – Place the block into your reptiles / pets water
    • Step 2 – The block will slowly dissipate / dissolve (This will vary and may take 1 week to a few weeks)
    • Step 3 – If changing your pets water or cleaning do not take the block out unless necessary and
    • Step 4 – Reuse any undissolved block by replacing remainder block back into your pets water
    • Step 5 – Maintain minerals and essential salts by replacing the block when fully dissolved with another suitable Chipoff block.

    Make sure to check out all Chipoff products, we have a range of varied products available, from aquarium health and fish health to slow release feeding blocks for fish including specially formulated blocks for cichlids and suckermouth fish and coldwater and tropical fish. Also a full range for turtles , dogs and cats. We also have a range for elderly pets too. Have all your pets health covered naturally by Chipoff.

    Thinking Pet health… Think Chipoff blocks.

    • Naturally High Quality Calcium
    • Essential Salts
    • Reverse Osmosis Water used in the Manufacture
    • PH buffer to minimise acidity within your reptile
    • PH nutraliser, balancing the acidity in your reptiles water (also better for bathing in)
    • Slow Release health Block

    Chipoff use ingredients that are of the purist quality for your pets, enabling them to have access to the slow released quantities and quality of minerals they need. These essentials are delivered to your reptile through the water in which they drink.

    Chipoff blocks are the optimum, easiest and most effective way for your reptiles and pets to absorb what they need. Chipoff blocks will not upset tummies and digestive tracts and aids further in digestion and absorption.

    Chipoff blocks are tried and tested right here in Australia for Australian water conditions and  most importantly the reptiles and pets we give it too.

    Think Reptile and Pet health. . . think Chipoff blocks.

  • Weight 0.023 g
    Dimensions 150 × 75 × 20 mm