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  • Algae control for your pond

    Chipoff slow release algae block for ponds are designed to help control many forms of algae commonly found in ponds.  Our pond algae block is also a  PH buffer and neutraliser designed to regulate acid in your fish and acidity in your pond due to waste and natural acidity build up within the ecosystem of your pond. Our unique formula aides plant health by maintaining the required mineral levels a pond uses as these plants have a large uptake of mineral elements. All Chipoff products are made with quality ingredients including the use of Reverse Osmosis water.

    Chipoff algae blocks will not harm pond fish and aquatic plants if used correctly and as directed. Always place the correct amount of treatment blocks into your pond. Please read the directions on our packaging.

    Varieties of algae are a natural occurrence a good balanced ecosystem will inhibit blooms.
    Toxins, overfeeding, low or no water movement and during summer months the increase of light and warmth makes for prime bloom situations.

    To maintain a healthy balance in your pond’s ecosystem, seasonal – large water changes and washing filters less will aide healthy bacteria naturally growing in your filters. These bacteria help break down algae blooms in your pond. Please Run filters 24 hours a day. High flow filters in your pond will help stop algae spores from settling.

    Water changes for your pond

    Placing a hose into the bottom area of your pond overflow slowly for approximately 10 – 20 minutes at the start of every season, this algae will help to flush heavy waste and toxins from your pond.
    Chipoff recommend using a Therapy Health Block after each use of algae control use.
    Chipoff algae blocks are treatment blocks please keep away from children
    If swallowed seek medical advice immediately

    • Step 1 – Place the treatment blocks required into your pond
    • Step 2 – The block will slowly dissipate / dissolve (This will vary and may take 1 week to a few weeks to fully dissolve)
    • Step 3 – If changing your pond water or cleaning your pond do not take the block out unless necessary
    • Step 4 – Reuse any undissolved block by replacing remainder block back into your pond
    • Step 5 – Maintain minerals and essential vitamins by replacing the block when fully dissolved with another suitable Chipoff block. (Recommend a Therapy block to be used after treating for algal blooms.)

    Make sure to check out all Chipoff products related to your pond and fish as we have many varied products available, from pond health and fish health to slow release feeding blocks for fish including specially formulated blocks for turtles and cold water fish.

    Chipoff also have other quality slow release blocks designed for your Dogs and Cats with a new range for the older pets too, check them out.

    Thinking Pet health… Think Chipoff blocks.

    • Algae killer
    • Algae control
    • Adds extra Calcium to fish diet
    • Adds extra Minerals to fish diet
    • Adds vitamins to diet
    • Pond Plant mineral booster
    • PH buffer to minimise acidity in your fish
    • PH nutraliser, balancing the acidity in your fishes water

    Chipoff use ingredients that are of the purist quality for your fish and pond environment

    Chipoff blocks are the optimum, easiest and most effective way for your fish to absorb what they need. The Chipoff blocks range will not upset tummies and digestive tracts and aids in digestion and absorption.

    Chipoff blocks are tried and tested right here in Australia for Australian water conditions and  most importantly the fish we keep within it.

  • Weight 26 g
    Dimensions 150 × 75 × 15 mm