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  • Algae Control for your Aquarium

    Chipoff’s slow release algae block is formulated to help control assorted algae and algae blooms in cold and tropical water. (beard, black, green, etc)

    The block is a PH buffer and regulates the acidity in your aquarium and within your fish.

    Suitable for all cold water and tropical fish.

    Chipoff slow release algae blocks are specifically formulated for tanks with algae bloom problems. Simply place the blocks required into your aquarium, blocks will slowly dissolve.

    Varieties of algae are natural in home aquariums, some fish eat algae as part of the diet.

    To maintain a healthy balance in your aquarium’s ecosystem, regular – large water changes and washing filters less will aide healthy bacteria naturally growing in your filters, and help these good bacteria to maintain the balance. These bacteria help break down algae blooms in your aquarium.

    Chipoff tips

    Run filters continually.

    High flow filters in your aquarium help stop algae spores settling.

    Siphon water from the lower section of your aquarium, heavier toxins settle in this area.

    Check that aquarium lights are correct for your specific use, placing a timer for 8 – 9 hours per day replicates natural cycles for many plants and fish.

    Chipoff blocks contain calcium and other essential salts and minerals for optimal aquarium health. This block is also a PH buffer, neutralising acidity caused by animal waste and normal ecosystem cycle’s breakdown of this matter.

    Our unique formula aides aquarium plant health by maintaining the required mineral levels a planted aquarium uses as aquarium plants have a large uptake of these elements.

    • Step 1 – Place the block into your aquarium water
    • Step 2 – The block will slowly dissipate / dissolve (This will vary and may take 1 week to a few weeks)
    • Step 3 – If changing your aquarium water or cleaning your aquarium do not take the block out unless necessary
    • Step 4 – Reuse any undissolved block by replacing remainder block back into your aquarium
    • Step 5 – Maintain minerals and essential vitamins by replacing the block when fully dissolved with another suitable Chipoff block.

    This block does not harm Aquarium plants or fish when treating for Algae.

    Make sure to check out all Chipoff products related to your aquarium as we have many varied products available, from aquarium health and fish health to slow release feeding blocks for fish including specially formulated blocks for cichlids and suckermouth fish and coldwater and tropical fish.

    Thinking Pet health… Think Chipoff blocks.

    • Algae killer
    • Algae control
    • Adds extra Calcium to fish diet
    • Adds extra Minerals to fish diet
    • Adds essential natural salts to fish diet
    • Adds vitamins to fish diet
    • Adds essential minerals and boosts these levels for plants while treating
    • PH buffer to minimise acidity in your fish
    • PH nutraliser, balancing the acidity in your fishes water

    Chipoff use ingredients that are of the purist quality for your pets, enabling them to have access to the slow released quantities and quality of vitamins and minerals they need. These essentials are delivered to your aquaria via absorption through the water in which they live.

    Chipoff blocks are the optimum, easiest and most effective way for your fish to absorb what they need. Chipoff blocks will not upset tummies and digestive tracts and aids in digestion and absorption.

    Chipoff blocks are tried and tested right here in Australia for Australian water conditions and  most importantly the fish we keep within it.

  • Weight 0.028 g
    Dimensions 150 × 75 × 15 mm