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  • Slow Release Feeding Block Specifically For The Bottom Dwellers Of Your Aquarium

    Designed to supplement the feeders at the bottom of your tank, and especially those that are algae based eaters like Catfish, Pleco’s, Loach’s, Cory’s and more. These blocks are designed as a supplement.

    Chipoff bottom feeder slow release blocks are PH Buffer and nutraliser the acidity within your fish and nutralises the aquarium acidity and continues to regulate this acidity which consumes a third of the water at the bottom of your aquariums, caused by fish waste and typical aquarium cycles. This environment is why the bottom dwelling fish are often those that show the first signs of bad water quality – acid burn, blood poisoning, stress, Ich, White Spot and Fungus Issues.

    Calcium enriched with essential minerals, vitamins and salts to help maintain an optimum environment for your bottom dwellers. Chipoff slow release feeder blocks also boost the required minerals lost through plant absorption, and will help planted aquariums to rejuvenate.

    This block can be used as a continual feeder and replaced when fully dissolved, and or use as a vacation feeder – giving you a piece of mind that your bottom dwellers are receiving the supplements they require.

    Regular water changes and varied diet, all contribute to a healthy aquarium ecosystem. Chipoff blocks are the optimum, easiest and most effective way for your fish to absorb what they need. Chipoff blocks will not upset tummies and digestive tracts and aids in digestion and absorption.

    Calcium is an essential ingredient in our pets diets, calcium is important for nerve impulse functions, blood clotting, skin and scale production and health and eggshell development. It impacts heart beat regulation and reproduction. Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the body, and adequate dietary levels of calcium are required daily. Chipoff combines this with extra minerals which can help breeding catfish produce a healthy production of roe, as well helping the roe to having access to extra calcium and minerals required through the absorption into the cell walls.

    • Step 1 – Place the block into your aquarium water
    • Step 2 – The block will slowly dissipate / dissolve (This will vary and may take a few weeks to fully dissolve)
    • Step 3 – If changing your aquarium water or cleaning your aquarium do not take the block out unless necessary
    • Step 4 – Reuse any undissolved block by replacing remainder block back into your aquarium
    • Step 5 – Maintain minerals and essential vitamins by replacing the block when fully dissolved with another suitable Chipoff block.

    Make sure to check out all Chipoff products related to your aquarium as we have many varied products available, from aquarium health and fish health to slow release feeding blocks for fish including specially formulated blocks for cichlids and suckermouth fish, cold and tropical water fish.

    Have other pets? Try our specially designed slow release health blocks for your other pets too. We have also extended our range for the older pets in our lives, Check them out.

    Thinking Pet health… Think Chipoff blocks.

    • Specifically designed slow release food
    • Formulated for Bottom dwellers
    • Planted aquarium mineral booster
    • Adds extra Calcium to fish diet
    • Adds extra Minerals to fish diet
    • Adds essential natural salts to diet
    • Adds vitamins to diet
    • Natural Health benefits of Sea Salt
    • PH buffer to minimise acidity in your fish
    • PH nutraliser required to help balance the acidity in your fishes water

    Chipoff use ingredients that are of the purist quality for your pets, enabling them to have access to the slow released quantities and quality of vitamins and minerals they need. These essentials are delivered to your fish and plants via absorption through the water in which they live.

    Chipoff blocks are tried and tested right here in Australia for Australian water conditions and  most importantly the fish we keep within it.

  • Weight 46 g
    Dimensions 150 × 75 × 20 mm