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  • Cat and Dog Calcium Block

    Our Chipoff Cat and Dog slow release health blocks are formulated specifically to administer a slow release and sustained boost of high quality calcium, vitamins and minerals, to your pets, in a more natural and accepted way than ever before.

    Using a slow release block means less waste, than typical pastes and powders on the market, our blocks ensure you that your pet is receiving these essential vitamins and minerals through their drinking water each and every day. Chipoff blocks are human friendly too, visibly you can see these blocks dissolve slowly in your pets drinking water and this makes it easy to know when a block needs replacing. Chipoff blocks are PH balanced, helping reduce acidity in your pets and have a PH neutralising quality, aiding the water in your pets bowl from becoming acidic naturally, also these blocks are made with quality ingredients and manufactured using Reverse Osmosis water, purely the best for your pets.

    When we think about bones and teeth we think about calcium; calcium functions in your pets body in many ways. Bones store calcium for the important small amount of free circulating calcium within your pet’s blood. Blood calcium is critical for many, day to day, processes.

    Here are a few:

    Circulating calcium plays an important role in the action of many basic enzymes. For example, pro-teases enzymes that cells require to disassemble proteins into their component amino acids require calcium. These same enzymes are a necessary part of your pet’s immune system as well. Sufficient blood calcium must be present before your pet’s blood can clot.Circulating calcium also plays a part in keeping your pet’s body fluids in their proper place (by contributing to osmotic pressure). Calcium is essential for normal muscle contractions.

    When your dog or cat ’s dietary intake of calcium is low, your pet will maintain its blood calcium levels within the proper range even at the expense of its bone strength, for as long as it possibly can.

    Regular calcium is important for the skeletal system, brain function, gastrointestinal health, blood pressure and even sleep.

    Made in Australia for Australian Pets, using Australian products. When quality counts, count on Chipoff to deliver.

    Chipoff blocks aid digestion and are tummy friendly.

    We have a new range of slow release blocks for Cats and dogs, and also small animals that include added Omega for those pets that are getting older.

    • Step 1 – Place the block into your pets drinking water
    • Step 2 – The block will slowly dissolve (This time will vary and may take 4 weeks to fully dissolve)
    • Step 3 – If changing your pets water or cleaning your pets water bowl remove the block by hand
    • Step 4 – Reuse any undissolved block by replacing remainder block back into your pets bowl
    • Step 5 – Maintain minerals and essential vitamins by replacing the block when fully dissolved with another suitable Chipoff block.

    Make sure to check out Chipoff products related to your pets as we have many varied products available, from aquarium health and fish health to slow release feeding blocks for fish including specially formulated blocks for cichlids and suckermouth fish, cold water and tropical fish, and small animals and birds!

    New line for your older pets includes Omega

    Thinking Pet health… Think Chipoff blocks.

    • Adds extra Calcium to diet
    • Adds extra Minerals to diet
    • Adds essential natural salts to diet
    • Adds vitamins to diet
    • PH buffer to minimise acidity in your Cat or Dog
    • PH nutraliser, balancing the acidity in your pets water bowl

    Chipoff use ingredients that are of the purist quality for your pets, enabling them to have access to the slow released quantities and quality of vitamins and minerals they need.

    Chipoff blocks are the optimum, easiest and most effective way for your pets to readily absorb what they need. Chipoff blocks will not upset tummies and digestive tracts and aids in digestion and absorption.

    Chipoff blocks are tried and tested right here in Australia for Australian water conditions and  most importantly give to the pets we love.

  • Weight 0.34 g
    Dimensions 150 × 75 × 30 mm